How To: Bulk Upload Assets to Shopify's CDN

  • In this tutorial we are going to migrate a bunch of images from one website onto Shopify's CDN. You will do this by creating a CSV with a single column of image urls. Downlod the sample csv file here and add in all of the images you want to migrate.

  • Once you have filled out your spreadsheet the way you like it you need to go to Bulk Upload Assets. Once you're on that page you need to upload the .csv file you just created then click submit and the import process will begin.

    Note the import process will add your assets to your Metafields Manager theme. This theme gets created when you install Metafields Manager. Do not delete this theme or you else your assets may get removed from Shopify's CDN.

    In a few minutes the Shop's store owner will recieve an email containing two .csv files titled: original_asset_urls.csv and new_asset_urls.csv. The order will remain the same between the two files.

    Congrats! You have successfully uploaded all of your files to Shopify's CDN. If you ever want to downlaad these assets, just download a copy of the Metafields Manager theme and look under the assets folder.