Metafields Manager

The best way to create & manage extra data on your Shopify store

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Take full control of your store

Metafields Manager lets you have a Content Management System integrated directly into your Shopify store! We take advantage of Shopify's metafields feature so any extra content you add will be securly and reliably hosted by Shopify.

Our application gives you limitless control over the data you can embed into your Shopify store. We provide easy to follow tutorials so you can easily customize your store with all the features you need to surpass your business goals. Here are a few examples of the ways you can enhance your store with the Metafields Manager App

  • Add Videos to Products, Blog Posts, Collections and more.
  • Add Images and HTML content to Products, Posts, Pages, Collections.
  • Add Related Products, Related Articles, Upsells or Cross Sells.
  • Create and Manage Homepage, Collection, Blog, or Product Sliders.
  • Create Custom Objects and associate them with one or many Products, Collections, or Articles.

See our the metafields app in action on our flagship store Rose & Rex!

Metafield Manager is a must have app for business owners and an incredible tool for developers. We have been used by businesses worldwide to help them stand out from the pack.

Download the app today to release the full potential of Shopify and differentiate your business.