How To: Import Metafields from a CSV

  • In this tutorial we are going to add import Product metadata from an existing CSV file. The product data will be associated to products that already exist in our store throught he 'handle' field. You can downlod a sample csv file here. Or you can take this time to create your own.

  • Once you have filled out your spreadsheet the way you like it you need to go to Import from CSV. Once you're on that page you need to upload the .csv file and select "Product" from the dropdown menu. This will tell the app that you want to associate the metafields on the spreadsheet with the Product object (you could also associate them with pages, etc... so long as the handles synced up correctly). Once you've done that, click submit and the import process will begin.

    Note the import process will only add metafields to your store. It will not associate them through Metafields Manager. In order to associate the new metafields with Metafield Manager you need to set up your configuration. You can do that by doing the following:

    Go to Metafield Configuration and click "Add Metafield" under article

    In the case of our sample .csv file, your configuration will look like the following:

    • data_1 : string
    • data_2 : string
    • data_3 : string

    But you can make the types whatever you like for your store.

    Note If you want to batch delete metafields you can do so by putting +DELETE_METAFIELD+ as the value for a particular cell.